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Connor ward
Autism Spokesperson, Speaker, Consultant and Vlogger
Connor Ward

Autism Spokesperson, Speaker, Consultant and Vlogger

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Connor was diagnosed with autism at 18 years old. He’s been making videos on YouTube since 2016 and has been uploading ever since.


Talking about autism is a big part of his channel, and he loves the fact that sharing his tips and struggles can educate those less aware about autism, whilst supporting other people on the spectrum.


Connor often steps away from the camera lens to speak at public events and conferences.


Despite his busy schedule, Connor also manages to balance all this with his open degree which is composed of a whole array of different modules, which he loves. 


How I Turned My Autism Into A Career 

Being Autistic can lead to many challenges when transitioning into the adult world, one of the biggest being finding employment.


You’ll leave this session knowing of the struggles someone on the spectrum can struggle in a professional environment and what options there are in finding a career that you can balance with your condition. 

In Connor's presentation

  • You will lean about how getting into a career is not as straight forward when you are autistic.

  • You’ll hear the potential anxieties autistic people can face about going into a job

  • You will learn that applying for jobs isn’t the most autism-friendly process

  • You’ll get to know that not everyone in the workplace is willing to accept your

    disability and companies may find loopholes so they don’t have to meet your


  • Even if self employment seems a much better option, you’ll hear of the

    challenges that can bring. 

You will also find out: 

  • How you can find work appropriate for you and your disability

  • How you can cope with the sensory difficulties in the work pace

  • How to be open about your condition in your work place

  • How you can turn your special interests into a career

  • What autistic traits employers find appealing