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Geoff Evans
International Autism Consultant and Trainer
Geoff Evans

International Autism consultant and Trainer

Geoff Evans, is an International Trainer and Consultant in Autism.

Geoff has worked with children with autism, adults and their families for thirty-five years. This has included twenty years working as Head of Social Services with the National Autistic Society and Senior Lecturer in autism at Sheffield University.

Geoff as qualifications in social work, Management and a MEd (distinction) in Training and Development.

Over the past twenty-five years he has delivered training to professionals and parents in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. His training has been described as inspirational and very practical. Has been shortlisted for the Lifetime Achievement Award with the UK, National Autistic Society and the Bussion-lang award.

His current interests include Autism and Happiness through the life stages, Holistic approach to behaviours of concern and Autism Adolescence Sexuality and boundaries.

Geoff has worked with children and adults and their families for thirty-five years. This has included twenty-one years with the National Autistic Society, working in residential and school settings. He worked for ten years as Head of compliance and quality for the Options, a group a provider of autistic specialist schools and homes.

Geoff is a frequent conference speaker on holistic approaches to behaviours of Concern, sexuality adolescence and autism, sensory and behaviour and Happiness and wellbeing.

Books and articles which Geoff have written are:

●  Chapter in Autism and Learning a guide to good practice , Stuart Powel and Rita

Jordan Classic edition 2011.

●  Good autism practice journal 2015, Outdoor adventure programme one young man’s experience May 2013.

●  Network Autism March 2015. Using the SPELL framework to support best practice and partnership when working with children with autism. 


A Holistic Approach to Supporting Autistic Individuals with Behaviours that Challenge

In this session you will learn

● Behaviour which challenges in autism is complex requiring a complex and holistic response.

● Individual and organisational responses including values, beliefs, understanding and responses impact upon behaviour. 

● An understanding of what contributes to challenging behaviour in autism including communication, environmental factors, sensory issues, anxiety and stress and lack of meaningful activities and engagement.

● How building on strengths and abilities, promoting happiness and wellbeing and developing social and life skills contribute to supporting with behaviours that challenge.

● Practical approaches and solutions to behaviours of concern including supporting with self-regulation, self-managing high levels of stress and anxiety and communicating more effectively.

The Key Problems addressed:


Whilst this talk does not view behaviours in autism as problems, the areas Geoff addresses are:


  • How we need to move away from trying to make autistic people behave 'normally’ and seek to enable them to develop the skills and behaviours they require to manage their own behaviours and to achieve the best possible outcomes available to them.

  • Supporting them to recognise when they have high levels of stress and anxiety and to develop effective ways of communicating and managing these.

  • Providing emotionally safe places for the autistic people and those supporting them. where support and learning can take place.

  • Recognising that if the autistic person has a different sensory experience from the majority of people around them, they are going to behave differently and how we can respond to this without making them feel wrong.

  • The challenges of providing meaningful experiences for the autistic person that emphasizes happiness and wellbeing as well as needs.

  • How we address communication and understanding differences and difficulties.is briefly discussed.

  • Geoff will also outline a range of communication, environmental and interaction strategies that contribute to supporting with behaviours that challenge.