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Jessie Hewitson
Bestselling Author, Mother and Journalist
Jessie Hewitson

Bestselling Author, Mother and Journalist

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Jessie Hewitson is a Mother, Award-Winning Journalist and Bestselling Author.

She is an Award-Winning Journalist with The Times and The Sunday Times from London.

She is also the Author of the Bestselling book: Autism: How to Raise a Happy Autistic Child.

Her book looks at autism as a difference rather than a disorder to be fixed and explores ways you can adapt the autistic individual's environment

to help them. The focus of the book is on how to support an autistic person to be happy.

The book combines her own experiences with tips from autistic adults, other parents - including Author David Mitchell - as well as advice from autism professionals and academics such as Professor Simon Baron Cohen. 


How to Raise a Happy Autistic Individual

During this presentation Jessie will look at:


  • The barriers

  • The pressure to mask

  • The lack of appropriate mental health support for autistic people

  • The problems within the education system and with employment and also the medical model of autism.

She will explore 


  • How best you can support autistic children and adults, based on her research and interviews with autistic adults.

  • How your own outlook on autism and your children’s difference – as parents, professionals and carers – can affect a child’s happiness

  • How, in subtle ways, we can be placing pressure on our children to be more like “us” (assuming the parent is non-autistic).