As a parent you may feel challenged or struggle with:


✓  My Child’s Inability To Tell Me What Is Going Wrong And What They are Feeling 

✓  Know When To Discipline And When To Support My Child

✓  How To Help My Child Deal With Anxiety And Sleep Issues

✓  My Child’s Inability To Communicate And The Lack Of Support

✓  How Best To Support My Child’s Needs For A Calm, Engaging And Integrated Experience

✓  My Child’s Self Injurious Behaviors And Sensory Pain Seeking When In Distress

✓  Feeling Helpless

✓  The Lack Of Understanding Towards Autistic People

✓   “Challenging” Behaviours

 ✓ The Lack Of Support And Resources

✓  My Husband’s Lack Of Support And Understanding

✓  Trying To Support My Child During Everyday Transitions

✓  Anxiety With Child Around Routines 

✓  Helping My Child With Their Behaviour

✓  Managing Verbal Outbursts 

✓  Communication Of Feelings, Needs And Desires Of My By Child

✓  Teaching My Child To Communicate In A Way That Works For Both Of Us And Helping Them To Control Their Anxiety

✓  Meltdown Strategies 

✓  The Lack Of Understanding Of Autism

✓  My Child’s Loneliness And How That Impacts On Their Mental Health

✓  Not Being Able To Communicate Verbally With My Child

✓  My Child’s Way Of Interpreting Situations

✓  Other People’s Attitudes

✓  Not Understanding What My Child’s Thinking

✓  Sensory Issues

✓  Not Understanding What My Child Needs If They Can’t Communicate

✓  Self Regulation And Social Skills

✓  Helping My Child Build Confidence

✓  My Child's Understanding Of Language

✓  Not Being Able To Know My Child’s Needs

✓  My Lack Of Knowledge Of Autism

✓  My Lack Of Finding Ways To Help My Child With Communication 

✓  My Child’s Lack Of Focus And Timing As Well As Having To Repeat Things Over And Over

✓  Aggressive Behaviour Both Verbally And Physically

As a parent, if you feel challenged or struggle with some or any of the above, this year’s autism conference, Thriving with Autism will offer you practical strategies, helpful tools and actionable insights to support you and your child.

At this year's conference you'll learn:

✅ Practical Strategies And Interventions To Support Individuals Overcome Sensory-Perceptual Difficulties

✅ Why ‘Challenging’ Or Distressed Behaviour Occurs

✅ How To Reduce Your Own Stress And Move Away From A Crisis Situation

✅ How To Know When Miscommunication Is The Source Of Misunderstanding, Conflict And Distress, And What To Do About It

✅ How To Interpret What A Person's Behaviour Is Trying To Tell You

✅ How To Recognise Some Of The Underlying Causes Of Anxiety Of Your Autistic Child And What You Can Do To Support Them

✅ Practical Ways To Be Able To Reduce “Challenging” Behaviours In A Safe Way ​

✅ How To Align Your Style Of Communication To Fit Someone Else With A Different Neurotype​

✅ How To Say “No” Without Using That Word, And Why This Is Sometimes An Important Thing To Do


✅ How Inclusive Environments Support Autistic Children and Adults To Live Well By Minimising Anxiety, Stress And Distress

​✅ How Teaching Your Autistic Child Using Their Strengths And Interests Maximises Their Wellbeing

✅ How To Create Engagement Through Interest-based Learning And An Inclusive Environment

✅ About Flow States To Autistic Experience With Practical Examples Of How To Accomplish Them

✅ Practical Strategies To Help Your Autistic Child And Your Family Reduce Stress

✅ How To Reduce Sensory Overload for Your Autistic Child

And Much More...

To learn these strategies, interventions and resources, join this year's Online Autism Conference, Thriving with Autism, to support you, your child and make a difference with their lives!

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