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Get Practical Strategies to Support  Autistic Children and Adults to Thrive

"It's never too late to expand the mind of a person on the autism spectrum." 

Dr. Temple Grandin

Every year for the last 7 years, thousands of parents, professionals and educators have attended our Autism Conference to:


  • Learn from the Lived Experience of Autistic Individuals to effectively support autistic individuals.  (3 speakers this year are on the autism spectrum

  • Discover actionable insights from World Recognised Experts and leaders in autism to know what works and what doesn't. 

  • Gain Practical Strategies and Solution-Focused tools to improve the quality of life for autistic children and adults. 

  • Earn 7 Hours Accredited CPD/CEU to advance your skills and career.

  • Access Lifetime conference recordings (optional) to continue your learning and growth anytime. 


We welcome you. 

In this year's Autism: Beyond Limits conference you'll discover:

 The Truth Behind Why ‘challenging’ Or Distressed Behaviours Occur And How They Are Not Intentional Behaviour

✓ Why supporting autistic children and adults in this way ensures positive outcomes

✓ What you must do to avoid the cycle of meltdowns to reduce your own stress and anxiety

✓ The secret behind supporting autistic people effectively who experience meltdowns

How to Effectively Prevent Meltdowns or Other Behaviours of Concern 

✓ Why the unique roles of the child/adult relationship are important to prevent meltdowns 

✓ How autistic people have limitless potential

✓ Why the potential of an autistic person can be limited by how and what we teach and to support 

✓ How you can increase the well-being of autistic children and adults and promote positive feelings for them

Why Life Satisfaction And Contentment For An Autistic Person Are Vital For Their Emotional Well-Being

✓  How to successfully transition a person from adulthood and other stages in their lives

✓  The hidden or missed medical and psychiatric conditions associated with autism

✓  Why screen time can disproportionately affect autistic brains and what to do about it

✓  How to channel the interests and passions of an autistic person into meaningful work so they live happier and better quality lives

How To Provide Meaningful And Effective Supports That Honour And Validate Each Person’s Unique Inner Experience And Minimise Their Stress 

✓  How to support an autistic person to understand how they feel and what their body needs for regulation to reduce their anxiety and mental health issues 

✓  How to create schools, workplaces, the home, and the community, sensory friendly so that autistic individuals can reach their maximum potential

✓  How to identify when a person may experience sensory overload and support them effectively

✓  The easiest way to assess sensory profiles of autistic individuals to support them to live a better quality of life

The Truth Behind What Types Of Environments Create Sensory Challenges For Autistic People

✓  How to recognize “self-regulatory behaviour” and support the autistic person to get their sensory needs met.

✓ How to interpret what a person's behaviour is trying to tell you​

✓ How to finally support an autistic person effectively….never feel stressed out again

​​✓ How to effectively support autistic children and adults overcome sensory challenges 

What You Must Do To Avoid The Affects Of Sensory Challenges Experienced By Autistic Individuals 

✓ The truth behind the underlying causes of anxiety for an autistic child or adult, and what do do about it  

✓ The truth behind creating inclusive environments to minimize anxiety, stress and distress

✓ The single most important strategy to maximise a person’s potential and wellbeing 

✓ The amazing secret to reducing stress for autistic individuals and their families 

and much, much more...




Hundreds of parents, families and professionals return to the Cork Autism Conference for one reason: The Content.

The Cork Autism Conference is a full day of actionable, proven, insightful content from experts in autism who have been in your shoes as a parent, professional or an autistic individual.  

Everything you hear at this online autism Conference are proven tools and interventions to advance your knowledge and skills in autism. 

You’ll leave after watching this conference with a notebook full of actionable insights and strategies that you can apply to best support autistic individuals to have a better quality of life. 


It’s one thing to want to improve the outcomes for autistic individuals. It’s another to follow through and actually do it.

That’s why we put people on stage who have actually done it. Hear the latest ideas, strategies, and insights from keynote speakers like Dr. Temple Grandin, Bo Hejlskov Elvén, Dr. Olga Bogdashina, Paul Issacs and many more.

You will leave this Autism Conference feeling inspired with creative practical resources and interventions which you can implement in your home, school, organisation or company to best support autistic people.



With 500 + attendees, you'll be among people who have faced the same problems you have and overcome similar obstacles.

You’ll share this experience with parents, families, autistic individuals, teachers, professional, 

therapists, medical professionals, employers and anybody else who is looking to support autistic individuals. 

You'll have attended this Autism Conference and be part of a community of people just like you. 


If you are a parent, family member or professional caring or supporting children or adults with autism, at the Cork Autism Conference you will learn tools, strategies and insights which will help you to best support and empower the lives of those with autism.


✓ Hear Leading Autism Professionals share TOOLS and INTERVENTIONS to give you the unique opportunity to ADVANCE YOUR KNOWLEDGE IN AUTISM 

✓ Learn ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS and WISDOM from autistic people to best support autistic people 

✓ Achieve 7 CPD/CEU ACCREDITED HOURS for professionals

✓ Discover “WHAT WORKS” from recognised professionals in autism to IMPROVE OUTCOMES FOR AUTISTIC INDIVIDUALS of all ages

✓ Understand CHALLENGING BEHAVIOUR and How to Create Beliefs Which SUPPORT Autistic Individuals in Challenging Situations 

✓ Know-How EXPOSURE ANXIETY affects the Sense of Self, Awareness of Self and Connecting with Others for people with Autism

✓ Look beyond behaviours and consider STRENGTHS AND NEEDS BASED, PRACTICAL AND INCLUSIVE STRATEGIES that can be used to best support individuals with autism daily 

✓ Learn How the ENVIRONMENT around an individual may effect the RIGHTS OF INDIVIDUALS to take part

✓ Discover New Ways to help Autistic Individuals use their NATURAL MECHANISMS to Learn and Develop SOCIAL AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS to Enhance Communication, based on the Specific Mode of Communication they Use

✓ Learn How to Practically Support Individuals with Autism with a MINDFULNESS BASED BEHAVIOUR APPROACH to Develop and Nurture EMOTIONAL REGULATION 

✓ Learn How VISUAL PERCEPTUAL DISORDERS impact Association and Offering Practical and Accessible Advice to Best Support Autistic Individuals

✓ Develop a CREATIVE APPROACH to look Beyond Behaviours that may emerge during your interactions with Autistic individuals through an ECOLOGICAL LENS

✓ Know the importance of acknowledging the RIGHTS OF INDIVIDUALS TO COMMUNICATE and express themselves in a way that is safe and how this can be exercised including home, school, work and community settings

✓ Access PRACTICAL RESOURCES and STRATEGIES for meeting and exceeding the challenges of autism and best empower autistic people

CLARIFY AREAS OF AUTISM and ask questions that cannot be answered by reading a book, website or blogpost

People completed our trainings from:
.... plus thousands of parents, professionals and educators in over 50 countries!
CPD Cork Autism Conference.jpg


To Leading Professionals and Experts in Autism


Innovative Strategies, Actionable Insights and Practical Approaches


And Learn with other Parents and Professionals


Insights, Inspiration and Hope from Autistic Adults


Best Practices To Care and Support Autistic Adults and Children 


Products and Services to Support and Empower People with Autism

CPD Cork Autism Conference.jpg

● Clinicians across the professional field, including GPs, child and adolescent psychologists, psychotherapists, ​paediatricians, speech and language therapists, physical therapists and occupational therapists

● Teachers, principals, SNAs from primary schools, secondary school and special schools

● Autistic individuals and their parents, families and carers

● Autism Advocates

● Clinical managers, mental health, disability nurses, care workers or anyone working in autism

● Mental health therapists, healers, dieticians, chiropractors, craniosacral therapists, yoga teachers, nutritional therapists, art therapists. Music therapists, drama therapists. Acupuncturists and holistic therapists.

● Pharmacists and dentists

● Autism specialists

● Directors/service managers/team leaders of public and private disability and autism services

● Childhood development professionals, social workers and support workers

● Autism groups and charity organisations

● Department directors, course coordinators, lecturers, career guidance counsellors, tutors and students of local authorities, colleges, universities and other third level educational institutions

● Employers and employer groups

● Voluntary sector groups and not-for-profit organisations

● Researchers and policy makers

● Anybody who wants to empower and support autistic people 


They loved it. Read what the attendees had to say!


Join 10,000+ parents and professionals for updates and special offers 

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