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We understand that for some autistic people with sensory or additional needs, attending an event can be a challenging  and an overwhelming experience.    


To ensure all attendees and speakers of the Cork Autism Conference have an equally enjoyable experience, we ask each attendee to consider the following autism friendly invitations before and during this year’s Cork Autism Conference:   


✓ Consider the reserved seating area outside of the main conference room for anyone who requires a break during the sessions. 

✓ Please respect the dedicated quiet room area for attendees and speakers at the conference.  

✓ The use of bright and flashing lights will minimised during the conference. There will be an official conference photographer on the day. We are asking attendees to please take photos with your flash turned off. 

✓ A quiet dining room space will be available if attendees wish to eat in silence.

✓ The lunch menu will be free of any strong aromas which might impact people. 

✓ All hand dryers in the bathrooms in the conference center will be turned off. Disposable hand towels will be provided instead. 

✓  There will be a fragrance free policy at this conference. We are asking all attendees including staff, to refrain from wearing strong perfumes or colognes. 

✓  A full audio recording of the entire conference will be provided to all attendees to listen back to in their own time, with their presentation slides. Ear plugs will also be available for anybody on the day who wishes to use them. 

✓  A dedicated seating area within the conference room will be available for anyone who wishes to have easy access if needed.

We kindly ask everyone involved in the Cork Autism Conference, whether you are an attendee, speaker, exhibitor, hotel employee or member of the Cork Autism Conference Team, to respect and consider these autism friendly guidelines.


Thank you for your cooperation on this. 

CPD Cork Autism Conference.jpg


To Leading Professionals and Experts in Autism


Innovative Strategies, Actionable Insights and Practical Approaches


And Learn with other Parents and Professionals


Insights, Inspiration and Hope from Autistic Adults


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They loved it. Read what the attendees had to say!

"The Cork Autism Conference was the best conference I attended in the area of autism for a very long time. I gained a more in depth understanding of the challenges families and children with autism face and the possibilities there are to turn these challenges into the opportunities and make society a more enriched, inclusive, diverse and equitable place to live. 
The Conference provided me with a much-needed opportunity to gain insights, wisdom and tools that will make the lives of those with autism and their families so much better. The solution-focused approach and celebration of autism as a difference that enriches all of our lives, is the reason I am returning again this year"  

Prof. Emer Ring, Dean of Education, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick


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