As a teacher you may feel challenged or struggle with: 


✓  Keeping Up With What Works For One Family And May Not Work For Another. 

✓  Finding Ways To Help My Autistic Students To Be Independent As Well As Help Build Their Self- Esteem And Confidence

✓  Understanding Anxiety And Behaviours 

✓  The Lack Of Whole School Initiatives In Resources, Support And Training

✓  Not Being Able To Help A Student Who Is Stuck With Little Progress

✓  Knowing Enough Strategies For Encouraging Initiation

✓  Understanding The World Of An Autistic Student And Their Perspective 

✓  By Other Teachers Who Do Not Take The Time To Know My Students And Meet Them Where They Are.

✓  The Lack Of Support And Knowledge From Administration And Other Teachers

✓  Connecting The Behaviours With The Triggers

✓  Students Anger Where The Behaviors Can Become Physical

✓  Being Able To Meet My Autistic Students Needs

✓  The Lack Of Suitable Spaces For Them To Regulate

✓  How To Know What Approach To Take

✓  How To Communicate Effectively With My Autistic Students To Know What They Want And How They Feel

✓  That There Is A One Size Fits All Approach

✓  That I Don't Always Understand My Student’s Behaviour And How Their Sensory Needs May Manifest In Their Behaviour

✓  When I Don't See Any Change Or Improvement

✓  “Challenging” Behaviour And How It Is Viewed

✓  Anxiety, Other Learning Issues Such As Dyslexia

✓  My Lack Of Understanding Of An Individual’s Needs

✓  The Lack  Of Input From Services Like OT,  Speech And Language Therapists

✓  How To Communicate Effectively With My Non-Verbal Students

✓  The Lack Of Support Within School And Outside Agencies

✓  The Difference Between 'bold' Behaviour And 'sensory Challenges’

✓   Not Understanding How They Feel

✓  Knowing What Resources To Use

✓  Understanding The Wants And Needs Of My Students 

✓  Knowing How To Better Communicate And Schedule Routines

✓  How To Meet The Sensory Needs Of My Students 

As a teacher, if you feel challenged or struggle with some or any of the above, this year’s autism conference, Thriving with Autism will offer you practical strategies, helpful tools and actionable insights to help you, your work and the autistic students you support and teach.

At this year's conference you'll learn:


✅ How Inclusive Environments In Education Support Autistic Students To Live Well By Minimising Anxiety, Stress And Distress

​✅ How Teaching Students Using Their Strengths And Interests Maximises Their Wellbeing

✅ How To Make Break Areas Inclusive To Decreases Stress And Distress For Autistic Students And The Probability Of Externalising Behaviours During Breaks

✅ How To Work Out What Strategies To Choose To Support Students’ Inclusion Into School

✅ How To Create Engagement Through Interest-based Learning And An Inclusive Environment

✅ How To Reduce Sensory Overload for Autistic People

✅ Why ‘Challenging’ Or Distressed Behaviour Occurs

✅ How To Reduce Your Own Stress And Move Away From A Crisis Situation

✅ How To Know When Miscommunication Is The Source Of Misunderstanding, Conflict And Distress, And What To Do About It

✅ Practical Ways To Be Able To Reduce “Challenging” Behaviours In A Safe Way ​

✅ How To Align Your Style Of Communication To Fit Someone Else With A Different Neurotype​

✅ And much more 

To learn these strategies, interventions and resources, join this year's CPD/CEU  Accredited Cork Autism Conference to support you, your teaching and make a difference with your students!

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