Sometimes autistic students may display behaviour which challenges and you might not know why. These behaviours can have a negative impact on you, your classroom and most of all the autistic person themselves, if the autistic individual does not have the right supports. 

That's why at this year's Cork Autism Conference - Autism: Beyond Behaviours, our goal is to help you as a teacher with practical strategies, helpful tools and actionable insights to best support your autistic students. 

At this year's conference you'll learn:

✓  How do you support your autistic students when they are displaying challenging behaviour?   

✓  How do you introduce strategies if an autistic individual experiences overwhelm? 

✓  How do you deal with behaviours of concern during activities such as classroom exercises, eating, games or homework? 

✓  How do you reduce anxiety and potential mental health issues especially during transitional times

✓  How do you help your autistic student recognise and manage their anxiety?  

✓  How do you use successful strategies to support autistic children and adults in your school

✓  How do you understand and communicate with your autistic student? 

✓  How do you approach and support a distressed student

✓  How do you deal with meltdowns

✓  How do you calm an autistic student in your classroom? 

✓  How do you help create balance for emotional regulation?  

✓  How do you meet the needs of autistic students in your classroom? 

✓  How do you support your student to express themselves

✓ How do you help autistic students to deal with their emotions and frustrations

✓  How do you help your students reach their potential

✓  How do you support autistic students during sensitive periods

To learn these strategies, interventions and resources, join this year's CPD Accredited Cork Autism Conference to support you, your teaching and make a difference with your students!

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