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Autism Cork
Scholarship Program

We at Autism Cork are committed and invested in making our trainings accessible to as many people as possible. As a result, we are offering 50 - 60 partial scholarships for each of our trainings. 

We are interested in supporting autistic individuals as well as parents, teachers and other professionals who are in financial need. We prioritize applications from autistic individuals, Black, Indigenous, and other people of colour as well as those wishing to join from less economically developed or otherwise marginalized countries (global south). We ask that you honour those intentions and only apply if a scholarship is truly needed.

When reviewing applications, we will take the following into consideration: your connection to the topic and/or presenter, how you will utilize and share what you learned in the training with your community or other, financial need, previous scholarship awards, training capacity, and available funds.

Please be aware that each training has a scholarship application deadline (approximately 24 hours before the training) AND a scholarship quota. Once we reach our scholarship quota OR deadline, whichever comes first, we will close the application process. Once selected, recipients will have a week to register.

Please email us here to request a scholarship application form. 

If you can do so, please donate something to create more scholarship opportunities for autistic people, parents and professionals who are looking for ways to best support and empower autistic individuals.  



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