Bo Hejlskov Elvén
Author, International Speaker, Autism Consultant and Clinical Neuropsychologist 
Bo Hejlskov Elvén

Author, International Speaker, Autism Consultant and Clinical Neuropsychologist 

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Bo Hejlskov Elvén is one of Europe’s leading clinical psychologists specialising in challenging behaviour. He is based in Scandinavia. 

He has worked with autism and challenging behaviour for over 20 years, focusing on Low Arousal Approaches, structure as support and autism friendly housing.

Bo has authored and published a number of books on challenging behaviour that are translated into 15 languages. Some of these books include:

No Fighting, No Biting, No Screaming

Disruptive, Stubborn, Out of Control?: Why kids get confrontational in the classroom, and what to do about it

Sulky, Rowdy, Rude? Why kids act out and what to do about it

He is currently a PhD student at Birmingham City University

Bo lectures on managing challenging behavior based on the low arousal approach. The lectures contain both theory and practice, aiming to give the listeners both practical methods and a theoretical base on which to develop their own methods.

He focuses on staff and parent’s understanding of concepts like self-control, affect regulation and affect contagion in everyday life.


He supports staff working in care or educational settings with people with developmental disabilities such as ADHD, autism or intellectual disabilities, He is often hired by special schools, child services, residential facilities, daily life therapy facilities and psychiatric care units.

He also lectures on parenting, on developmental disabilities, ethics in care and educational settings and stress in developmental disabilities.

Besides lecturing he also does consultancy work regarding behaviour management. It is often concerning persons in heavily staffed settings with self harming or violent behaviour. His focus is the behaviour of the staff and how it affects the behaviour of the person.

Another area of consultancy Bo focuses on is ethics and securing quality of care and educational institutions, especially focusing on evaluation of method in demand and conflict situations.

A another area Bo consultancy concentrates on is guidance concerning people with autism based on understanding of the person´s cognitive and affective abilities.


Vicious Circle - How We Understand Challenging Behaviour 

In this presentation you will learn: 


  • What goes on in staff and parent’s mind when the behaviour occurs

  • How we react as human beings when challenged

  • How staff and parent’s thinking affects behaviour

  • How the goal is to make staff and parents reflect on their own thinking

  • How to use this thinking to form a framework for method choice 

Whether you are either staff or parent, Bo will look at the thought processes going on in your head when you are faced with behaviour that you don’t know how to manage.


You will learn:


  • What thoughts fly through your head in challenging situations, and why.

  •  The consequences of those experiences.

  • How your thinking affect the behaviour of the autistic person

  • What can you do to help yourself think the thoughts that help you support the person with autism instead of the thoughts that lead you into negative circles of behaviour management? 

  • How you think about challenging behaviour

  • How your thoughts affects your actions in challenging situations

  • How to understand yourself better

  • How to reflect on your beliefs about the autistic person in your life and his or her behaviour 


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