Dr. Brian McClean 
Principal Clinical Psychologist, International Speaker and Lecturer 
Dr. Brian McClean

Principal Clinical Psychologist, International Speaker and Lecturer 


Mindfulness-Based Behaviour Support  

Anxiety is a significant cause of distress in autism, sometimes expressed through behaviour.

Emotional regulation is the key skill set when anyone is anxious, whether the person with the label autism or the people closest to the person.

Mindfulness-based behaviour support sets out practical supports and practices that develop and nurture emotional regulation. 

In this session you will learn: 


  • What anxiety is?

  • How to respond to it in yourself and in others?

  • How to create an environment in which anxiety is regulated?

  • How regular mindfulness practice can prevent anxiety from taking you from your goal? 




Dr. Brian McClean qualified as a Clinical Psychologist from the University of Surrey in 1989.


His doctoral thesis was on Outcomes of Behavioural Support for 138 people with challenging behaviour.


In 1994, he founded The Callan Institute for Behaviour Support and developed it as a national consultation and training agency. 


In 2001, he established a Behaviour Support Service in Co. Roscommon, which supported community living and real lifestyles for people with behaviour support needs.

Dr. McClean has over 25 years experience working with children and autism with behaviour support needs, designing and implementing behaviour support plans.

Brian has spoken extensively, nationally and internationally about autism.


He is currently Principal Clinical Psychologist with Acquired Brain Injury Ireland.


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