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Dr. Temple Grandin as seen on:
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World-renowned Autistic Spokesperson
Best-selling Autism Author
Inventor and Scientist 
Professor of Animal Science
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With Dr. Temple Grandin you'll learn: 

  • How do you support autistic people to ease social anxiety

  • How do you help autistic individuals deal with sensory overstimulation

  • How do you boost self-esteem and confidence of an autistic person

  • How do you support an autistic person regulate their emotions when they feel overwhelmed

  • How do you focus an autistic individual's strengths to set them up for success

  • How do you keep an autistic person motivated and focused in the home, school and other settings

  • And much more . . .  

About Dr. Temple Grandin:

  • World’s Leading Autism Spokesperson 


  • Best-selling Autism Author: The Autistic Brain, Thinking in Pictures & The Way I See It and many other books

  • Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University​

  • Featured on many major television programs such as the BBC special, “The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow,” ABC’s “Primetime Live,” “The Today Show,” “Larry King Live,” “48 Hours,“ and “20/20".


  • Subject of Award-winning HBO film “Temple Grandin” 


  • Named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the world


  • Inducted into USA Women’s Hall of Fame



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