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  • Cork Autism Conference

Discover how to effectively overcome challenges by individuals on the autism spectrum

Do you feel challenged with: ✓ An Autistic Person's Inability To Tell Me What's Going Wrong And What They're Feeling ✓ How Best To Support An Autistic Child or Adult's Needs For A Calm, Engaging And Integrated Environment ✓ An Autistic person’s Self Injurious Behaviors And Sensory Pain Seeking, When They're In Distress ✓ Feeling Helpless ✓ “Challenging” Behaviours ✓ The Lack Of Support And Resources ✓ Trying To Support A Person on The Autism Spectrum During Everyday Transitions And Routines ✓ Helping An Autistic Person With Their Behaviour ✓ Managing Verbal OutburstsCommunication Of Feelings, Needs And Desires Of An Autistic Person ✓ Supporting A Person To Communicate In A Way That Works For Both Of Us And Helping Them To Control Their AnxietyMeltdown Strategies ✓ A Person's Loneliness And How That Impacts On Their Mental Health ✓ Not Being Able To Communicate Verbally With An Autistic Person ✓ An Autistic Child or Adult's Way Of Interpreting Situations ✓ Not Understanding What An Autistic Person's ThinkingSensory Issues ✓ Not Understanding What An Autistic Person Needs If They Can’t Communicate ✓ Self Regulation And Social Skills ✓ Helping An Autistic Child or Adult Build Confidence ✓ My Lack Of Knowledge and Understanding Of AutismAggressive Behaviour Both Verbally And Physically If you struggle with some or any of the above, this year’s autism conference, Thriving with Autism will offer you practical strategies, helpful tools and actionable insights to support you, and the autistic children or adults you may care for or support. Your All-Access Pass for this year's Online Autism Conference with Dr. Temple Grandin and other international speakers includes:

  • 30 - 180 days Unlimited Replay Viewing - take notes of anything you missed

  • Live Conference Access - participate in live Q & A with speakers

  • 7 Hours CPD/CEU Accreditation - keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date

  • CPD/CEU Certificate of Attendance - prove you attended this autism training

  • Keynote Presentations - learn practical tools, insights and strategies to support autistic individuals

  • Slides & Notes - gain access to tips, resources and supports

  • Action Planner - take notes of actionable insights and practical strategies

  • Lifetime Audio Recording - access content 24 hours a day

They're now only a limited number of Early Bird places left. Secure your place today and SAVE HERE

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