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  • Cork Autism Conference

How to really support an autistic person's unique way of thinking to build success

We’re super excited Dr. Temple Grandin will be joining us again for our Autism: Beyond Limits Online Conference here, happening on Sunday, October 23.

However, we've received some emails from parents and professionals asking, What will Dr. Grandin be talking about?

We understand you as an autistic person, parent or professional may want a deeper understanding of autism and also get practical strategies so you can really support a child or adult on the autism spectrum more effectively.

That's why this year Dr. Grandin will be interviewed by Dr. Debra Moore who is Co-author with Temple of "Navigating Autism" and "The Loving Push" you can learn even more new insights about autism as well as techniques and strategies.

Some of the topics they’ll be covering are…

  • How to support sensory needs

  • How to prevent behaviours of concern

  • How to decrease anxiety

  • How to support a person’s unique way of thinking to build success

  • How to increase health and happiness

  • How to successfully transition to adulthood

And much, much more...

(CPD/CEU Accredited for Professionals)

Register today and save up to 70% on your Access Pass before they expire.

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