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How to support an autistic person cope with their sensory needs

Updated: Feb 20

Differences in sensory functioning can create invisible walls between autistic and non-autistic individuals. An individual on the autism spectrum can live in a different (sensory perceptual) world! The same stimuli may look, sound, feel and smell differently for them. These sensory-perceptual challenges can impact their life. To best communicate with, and support an individual on the autism spectrum, we need to understand...

  • Their sensory needs

  • The importance of making necessary accommodations to their environments

  • The behaviours caused by sensory-perceptual differences

  • Their perceptual style and how it impacts their learning and communication

  • The practical strategies, interventions and environmental changes that can help an autistic individual overcome these difficulties

That's why it's essential to understand autism sensory needs to best support an person on the autism spectrum in their life. Professor, Mother, Author, Lecturer and Consultant in Autism, Dr. Olga Bogdashina shares practical strategies you can do this, in our Online Conference Recordings, Thriving With Autism where she talks about:

Autism: Making Sense of Sensory Needs

You can boost your autism support skills today with our accredited online training courses tailored for parents, professionals and autistic individuals. 

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