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How to think beyond behaviours

What causes behaviours of concern with individuals on the autism spectrum?

As you probably understand some of these triggers can potentially be:

✔️ Demands and requests of them

✔️ Arousing triggers such as direct eye contact, touch and spectators of an incident

✔️ Non-verbal behaviours such as aggressive postures and stances

✔️ When routines suddenly change and time is unstructured

✔️ Disempowering and unsupportive beliefs around challenging behaviours

✔️ Communication difficulties from not being understood

These and many others, can cause stress, anxiety and frustration for an autistic person.

That's why we need to learn practical strategies and resources to prevent aggression and avoid creating crisis situations.

Author, International Speaker, Autism Consultant and Clinical Neuropsychologist, Bo Hejlskov Elvén will share practical approaches and actionable insights you can use to best support autistic individuals with his presentation:

⭐️ Vicious Circle - How We Understand Challenging Behaviour

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