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Language and Communication Issues in Autism

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

As you probably know the difficulties of language and communication can be one of the features of autism....

If you support or care for an autistic person, they're communicating with you all of the time with:

✔️ Visual Language

✔️ Tactile Language

✔️ Kinaesthetic Language

✔️ Auditory Language

✔️ Smell Language

✔️ Taste Language

When you communicate with an autistic individual in a way they do not understand, this may cause stress and anxiety for them.

To support this person, it's best to identify their language, and communicate to them in this way.

At this year's Cork Autism ONLINE Conference Dr. Olga Bogdashina presents:

- Language and Communication Issues in Autism. Let's Talk About Talking

where you can learn more about how to best communicate with and support an autistic person...

Find out more about Dr. Bogdashina and our other speakers HERE

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