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  • Cork Autism Conference

WARNING: Avoid these common communication mistakes with autistic individuals...

What if you knew how to support autistic individuals to live healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives?

What would be the value of this for YOU?

Well, that's what you're about to discover with our speakers at this year's online autism conference.

Sometimes, knowing how to best support autistic children and adults can be difficult.

Not Understanding Why They Have Anxiety Or "Challenging" Behaviours

Not knowing what the triggers are for these behaviours.

Trying to do your best but it just doesn't seem good enough.

Feeling helpless and frustrated with little support or resources.

How can you know what's the best way to support autistic individuals?

How Can You REALLY Improve The Quality Of Life For Autistic Children And Adults?

Well, there's a way...

That way is to learn from autistic individuals, parents and professionals who have discovered practical strategies which support autistic children and adults more effectively.

That's why at this year's conference, we've speakers who will share valuable insights to improve your understanding of autism as well as give you practical strategies to best support and care for autistic individuals.

One of our speakers this year, Yvonne Newbold, MBE, will be sharing from her own lived experience as a mother of her autistic son, Toby as well as a trainer and a consultant in autism.

Yvonne will talk about what works, what doesn't, and reveal...

Why Communicating In This Way Almost Never Works...And What You Should Do Instead

The reason behind why ‘challenging’ or distressed behaviour occurs.

What you must do to avoid behaviours of concern.

How to interpret what an autistic person's behaviour is trying to tell you.​

How to align your communication style to reduce distressed behaviours.

How to reduce “challenging” behaviours safely and effectively.​

and much more...

Join Yvonne Newbold and our other speakers to deepen your understanding of autism and discover practical strategies to make a difference and support autistic individuals to live a better quality of life...

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