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  • Cork Autism Conference

🤩 Did you hear? Dr. Temple Grandin is coming!

Did you hear the news? Dr. Temple Grandin is coming to Autism: Beyond Limits Conference 2022 Online! Book Now to hear her share her secrets to overcoming challenges from her own experience of living with Autism...

BOOK NOW & SAVE 60% >>

Temple’s going to share her practical tips and actionable insights to:

- Overcoming challenges from her own experience of living with autism. - Supporting autistic children and adults effectively with practical strategies, tips and resources. - Changing lives and making the world a better place through inclusive, autism-friendly initiatives. … and so much more.

BOOK NOW & SAVE 60% >>

Seriously, how many people can say they saw Dr. Temple Grandin LIVE?? You… and not many others. And if you book for your spot to see Temple now, you’ll save 60% on your ticket. But hurry... Tickets are going fast, and October 23 is just around the corner. P.S. Oh, did we mention that Autism; Beyond Limits 2022 is your chance to discover new practical strategies, get a deeper understanding of autism, and hear from some of the best minds on autism? So book right now, save 60% on your ticket, and stuff your folder with game-changing strategies, insights, and takeaways!

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