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7 Easy tips for a more autism-friendly Christmas

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Here are 7 tips to support individuals on the autism spectrum to experience a more autism-friendly Christmas....

  1. Decorations and lights - During Christmas for some, decorations and lights can be overwhelming for an autistic individual. An possible solution is to limit these to just one room in the house.

  2. Visual aids - These can be a great way to introduce and prepare for any upcoming changes to a schedule or routine during Christmas time.

  3. Regular routines - If possible try and stick to your usual routines for mealtimes, bath time, and bedtime. When this isn't possible, discuss upcoming changes ahead of time.

  4. Visitors - Let friends and family know when they may visit. Create a schedule and place it on the fridge or somewhere it can be easily seen.

  5. Presents - If your child prefers to know what's inside a present, you could use plain wrapping paper and stick a picture of the present on the outside. You could also use a see-through material such as cellophane.

  6. Prepare ahead - Some autistic children and adults don't like like surprises or change. Prepare them for the changes coming up. Start early by talking to them what to expect.

  7. Christmas-free time - Create some space away from the festivities – this can be helpful to reduce anxiety. A quiet stroll in the park or maybe feeding the ducks could help, if this is what you normally do to relax.

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