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  • Cork Autism Conference

Discover the truth behind why meltdowns occur...

What if you could increase the quality of life for autistic people?

What would that be worth to you?

That’s what you’re about to get at this year’s Autism: Beyond Limits Online Conference.

Let’s face it….at times supporting autistic children and adults isn’t always easy.

Not understanding their needs, wants, or feelings.

Or knowing when to discipline and when to support them.

Fighting for services or resources.

Lack of support.

Not finding out what causes the distressed behaviour or meltdowns.

Trying to find answers by searching on Google, reading books, going to events or talking to other parents or professionals.

How can you decide what works for autistic children and adults or not?

How can you choose strategies that effectively support autistic people?

At the 2022 online autism conference, Autism; Beyond Limits, World-renowned Autism Expert, Researcher, Consultant, Author, Former Professor and International Speaker, Dr. Brenda Smith Myles will share in her presentation:

Meltdowns: Understanding and Preventing These Distressed Behaviours

  • How to avoid the cycle of meltdowns with people on the autism spectrum.

  • How meltdowns are not intentional behaviour.

  • How to identify the cycle of meltdowns.

  • Practical prevention strategies to support autistic children and adults.

  • The importance of positive child/adult relationships in preventing meltdowns.

And much more...

Learn more about Dr. Brenda Smith Myles here >> (CPD/CEU Accredited for Professionals)

Register today and save up to 70% on your Access Pass before they expire.

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